Cancelling an item type transition

If you are the user who has started an item type transition and the transition has not finished, you may cancel it. Click the destination item type to which the item will be transitioned, and select Cancel. This will open the Cancel Transition dialog box. Transitions may be cancelled whether or not the approval process is complete and whether or not the transition has been approved (or rejected) by any member of the approval list. Cancelling a transition will remove all approvals (and rejections), will delete any pending approval notifications, and will revert the item type back into its original state. If you want to resubmit a cancelled transition to the approval process, you must restart the transition.

To cancel an item type transition

  1. Open the Projects module.
  2. Select an item.
  3. Select the Workflow tab.
  4. In the Target column, click the target rectangle for the transition you want to cancel, then select Cancel from the menu that appears. Transitions may be cancelled whether or not all required approvers have approved them. You can only finish a transition if you are the user that started the transition, or an administrator.