Adding a schedule dependency

If an item contains a task that is externally visible, Once a schedule dependency has been created, it is visible in the Schedule Dependencies tab. Once you have made at least one task in an item as externally visible, the item, with the milestones you selected as externally visible, will appear in the Schedule Dependencies tab of the parent item. You can also select that item to show in the Schedule Dependencies tab for other items. Once you have at least two items showing to the Schedule Dependencies tab, you can then create a dependency between the two items. The tasks that you chose to be externally visible appear as the milestone diamonds on the Gantt bar.

To add a schedule dependency

  1. Open the Projects module.
  2. Select an item.
  3. Select the Schedule Dependencies tab.
  4. Click the milestone (diamond) in the Gantt bar to which you want to add a schedule dependency. When the cursor changes to a four-headed arrow, drag it to the milestone (diamond) that will be the schedule-dependent milestone.
  5. In the Dependency Creation dialog box, enter a name and description for this dependency.
  6. Click Save Save.