Role Configuration

Roles provide the building blocks for the security system. Roles have permissions that define the actions the roles can perform with product features. Typical actions include changing or executing an item, such as an application process, or modifying its security settings. Users or groups assigned to a role are automatically granted the permissions configured for it. The default roles can be edited and new roles can be created.

Deployment Automation maps key product features or areas to security roles. Each area has several permissions defined for it. When you create a role, you first specify the product area. Selecting a product area defines the set of permissions available to the new role; only permissions defined for the area are available.

Use the UI security area to quickly assign access permissions to the different areas of the Deployment Automation Web application. Use the system security area to assign usage permissions, including the ability to define security for other users.

For information on configuring roles, see the following topics: