Server Roles and System Security

Server roles define the functions users can perform with the Deployment Automation server. Available permissions are described in the following table.

Server Permissions Table

Permission Grants Users Ability To ...
Check for Update Check for available updates for server versions
Create Applications Create applications
Create Component Templates Create component templates
Create Components Create components
Create Deployment Packages Create deployment packages
Create Environments Create environments
Create Pipelines Create pipelines
Create Relays Create relays
Create Subresources Create sub-resources
Create/Manage Resource Roles Create and delete resource roles
Data Collection Select the option to allow data collection for your Deployment Automation server
Manage Custom Source Config Types Load and delete custom source config types.
Manage Licenses Add and remove licenses
Manage Plugins Install new plugins
Security Manage security configuration; users without this permission cannot access or change the security functions

To add users to system security roles:

  1. Navigate to Administration > Security.
  2. Select the System Security tab.

    All defined roles appear.

    Default Server Roles Table

    Role Default Permissions
    Configuration Manager Can create new applications, components, component templates, pipelines, resources, and resource roles. Has a single group pre-assigned, Configuration Group.
    Admin Has all configured permissions granted and a single group pre-assigned, Admin Group with user admin.
  3. Click the Add Role Members button and select one or more roles.
  4. Click Add.

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