Configuring and Monitoring Environments

After you create environments, you associate them with agents or agent resources and map the environments to applications. You can also make them part of a pipeline.

You can monitor environment activity by selecting an environment. A selected environment's page is shown in the following figure.


  1. See all applications associated with this environment.
  2. View the inventory for this environment.
  3. View the timeline specific to this environment.
  4. View resources associated with this environment.
  5. View and set properties for this environment.
  6. View and add role members and view default permissions for this environment.
  7. Schedule application processes and blackouts.
  8. Select from the following actions:

    • Print Page
    • Help
  9. Edit the selected environment details, including name, description, and color.
Note: Some configuration of environments is application-specific, and therefore is done as part of the application configuration. This includes overrides to security. For more information, see Adding Environments to Applications.

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