This service returns a list of reports within a specified range, limited by one or more optional filters.


Argument Type Description
auth (optional) Auth The Auth type supplies credentials and optionally, a host name for licensing. The userId and password can be specified with HTTP BASIC or WS-SECURITY instead.
queryRange (optional) QueryRange The QueryRange type allows you to specify the number of reports to return. This enables you to limit the number of reports that are returned.
reportsFilter (optional) ReportsFilter The ReportsFilter type allows you to filter the reports that are returned based on optional parameters.
options Options Holds name value pairing for future arguments.


GetReportsResult is returned. A filtered list of reports, within the specified range, is displayed in the response. The response contains the number of reports returned and a high-level description for each report. Use the isQueryAtRuntime element in the response to determine if the report can be executed using the RunReport call (query at runtime reports cannot be executed by RunReport). For more detail, see GetReportsResult.


The GetReports call finds a list of available reports without actually running any of the reports themselves. You can use GetReports to search for all reports that you have privileges to run, modify, and delete within the provided range . You can also use this call to search for auxiliary table reports that you can run, modify, and delete. You can use this call to identify which report you would like to run using the UUID of the report. To run a given report in the returned list, use RunReport. You can optionally use the returned report URL to run the report in a Web browser.



The following XML is a snippet of the payload that is sent with GetReports.