The ReportsFilter type allows you to filter the reports returned via the GetReports call. The ReportsFilter type parameters are listed below.


Name Type Description
solution SolutionIdentifier Holds the identification information for a solution.
project ProjectIdentifier Holds the identification information for a project.
table TableIdentifier Holds the identification information for a table.
author UserIdentifier Holds the identification information for a user.
reportType ReportType An enumeration that indicates the type of report. The default value is 1 for LISTING.
reportCategory ReportCategory A broader enumeration that limits the response based on the category of report (built-in reports, application reports, reports you authored). The default value is "ALL."
reportAccessLevel ReportAccessLevel An enumeration that limits the response based on the report's access level (PRIVATE, GUEST, USER, or MANAGER).
report ReportIdentifier Holds the identification information for a report.
searchByName string Specifies the name of the report as a search parameter.
includeSubProjects boolean This flag indicates whether or not to include reports that are based on sub-projects of the project that is specified. The default value is "false."
createdDateFrom dateTime Filter reports created after this date.
createdDateTo dateTime Filter reports created before this date.
extendedData ExtendedData Placeholder for future arguments.


You can filter the reports returned in GetReports using ReportsFilter. For example, you can specify "joe" in the displayName of the author element to only return reports that Joe created. Keep in mind that projects do no exist for auxiliary tables so the ProjectIdentifier should be left empty when searching for reports against auxiliary tables.

Tip: You can easily find the proper solution's uniqueName by looking at the Internal Name of the application in SBM Composer.
Note: You can treat the searchByName as a search parameter and enter only part of the report name. In the example below, "All" is sent in searchByName to filter on reports that include the word "All" in the report title. See the XML in RunReportResult for an example of the response.


The following XML snippet shows ReportsFilter as seen in a typical call.