Resolving References

This topic explains how to resolve an unresolved reference to a design element in another process app. When you validate a process app, a list of any unresolved references is displayed in the Validation Results at the bottom of the SBM Composer window.
Tip: In many cases, the process app containing a referenced application is missing from the repository (that is, the referenced application existed when the reference was created, but was later deleted). After you resolve the application reference, the references to other design elements in the referenced application are usually resolved automatically.
Note: You might not need to resolve references. See Ignoring Unresolved References for more information.

Unresolved references are displayed with a red X. The following illustration shows an unresolved application reference as it appears in App Explorer.


To resolve an unresolved reference:

  1. After validating the process app, double-click the message in the Validation Results or right-click the message and select Go to Location. SBM Composer takes you to the location where you can resolve the reference. For example, for an unresolved application reference, SBM Composer takes you to the application editor. For an unresolved table reference, SBM Composer takes you to the Property Editor for the field in the referenced table.
  2. If this is an unresolved reference to an application, perform the following steps:
    1. Right-click the reference in App Explorer and select Resolve, or click the message at the top of the application editor. The Resolve Reference to Application dialog box opens.
    2. Complete the dialog box as described in Resolve Reference to Application Dialog Box.
    3. Validate the process app again.
  3. Resolve any remaining resolved references as appropriate. For example, if a referenced field is missing from a table, either restore the field in the table, or in the Property Editor for the field, select another application and field that resolves the reference.

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