Tutorial: Altering the GenericFaultOWF to Return a Web Service Fault


You performed the steps in Tutorial: Practicing With the Scope Step to Handle Generic Web Service Faults.

In this exercise, you alter the GenericFaultOWF orchestration workflow by mapping an invalid user ID. When the orchestration workflow is invoked, a Web service fault is generated.

To alter the GenericFaultOWF to return a Web service fault:

  1. Open SBM Composer.
  2. Click the Composer button, and then click Open.

    The Open Process App dialog box opens.

  3. Select FaultHandlingProcApp, and then select Open.
  4. In App Explorer, click FaultHandlingProcApp, and then click the All Items filter.
  5. Under Orchestration Workflows, click GenericFaultOWF.
  6. In the orchestration workflow editor, select the VerifyUser step.
  7. On the Data Mapping tab of the Property Editor, expand the auth data element, locate the userId data element, and enter an invalid user ID such as ZZZZ in the corresponding Default value column.
  8. Publish and deploy the FaultHandlingProcApp.

    See Step 6: Publish the Process App and Step 7: Deploy the Process App for instructions.

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