Process Apps

A process app includes one or more applications used to track items through workflow processes. A process app can also include one or more orchestrations that provide the logic for the invocation of Web services.

In SBM Composer, you create process apps independently from the environment in which they are intended to run. When process apps are deployed to runtime environments, they interact with and runtime data, such as user and group accounts and projects. Process apps that contain orchestrations are initiated based on SBM events.

This separation of the process app and the "runtime" data enables you to modify and test process apps without disrupting your organization's normal business operations. Some organizations use multiple environments (development, test, and production) to further this "path to production" process.

After a process app is deployed, most design elements, such as workflows, tables, forms, and other elements are viewable (read-only) in SBM Application Administrator. These items can be changed only by editing the process app in SBM Composer and redeploying.

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