Terminology and Naming Conventions

The following terminology conventions are used throughout SBM documentation to discuss the following elements:

The following formatting and naming conventions are used throughout the SBM ModScript documentation for methods and functions:

Operators are symbols such as +, =, ==, <, and >. They are used for copying and comparing objects, as well as math-related functions. The that way operators are invoked is handled differently than the way that functions are invoked.

The following format is used throughout the SBM ModScript documentation for operators:

TimeT& operator=( TimeT v )


var t1 = TimeT(); //Uses TimeT constructor
var t2 = TimeTNow(); //Gets current time
t1 = t2; // Uses = operator to copy t2 to t1

The operator = method for TimeT is invoked using the "=" symbol. The value to the left of the symbol is acted on; the value to the right is the parameter that is passed to the method. In the example, the return value is ignored, but it could have been used for stringing operators and functions together.