Welcome to SBM ModScript

This document describes SBM ModScript for Solutions Business Manager. SBM ModScript is modeled after ChaiScript and contains extensions to support SBM.

Audience and Scope

This guide describes how to write and implement SBM ModScripts. This guide is intended for programmers who wish to use SBM ModScript to implement custom features in SBM.

Users should also be familiar with administering SBM and with the SBM database schema document, which is available at the Documentation Center.

For SBM ModScript use cases, sample scripts, and to read questions from community members, visit https://www.serenacentral.com/.

Support for development efforts with custom programs written using SBM ModScript is provided by Professional Services. Questions regarding SBM ModScript operations as documented will be handled by Customer Support.

Navigating this book

This guide is organized as follows: