Importing Contacts From LDAP

You can choose to import contact data only from LDAP into SBM.
Note: If you want to associate contact information with imported user accounts, follow the steps in Updating Users and Contacts from LDAP and make sure to select the Create associated contacts check box.

When you import Contact records, uniqueness is determined by the specified equality key.

Also, if you have added the Active/Inactive optional system field to your Contacts table, be sure that its default value is set to Active. If not, Contact records imported from LDAP are not visible in SBM. Also, if your Contacts table contains required fields, set default values for these fields so that contacts imported from LDAP are guaranteed to have values.

To import contacts from LDAP:

  1. Select the Import contacts from LDAP option.
  2. Specify LDAP search and server settings as described in LDAP Search Settings.
  3. Click Apply at the top of the page until you find an LDAP user or group with attributes that match the users you want to import into SBM.
  4. Map LDAP attributes to fields in the SBM Contacts table, as described in Contacts Attributes Map.
  5. Select options for handling existing contact data as described in the information in Contact Import Options.
  6. Specify an additional filter, and then click the Find button in the Find Candidates section to return a list of potential LDAP users to import as contacts.
  7. Select the contacts you want to import.
  8. Set logging parameters as described in LDAP Logging and E-mail Options.
  9. Do one of the following:
    • Click Save to save your changes.
    • Click Import now to begin the import or update process immediately. Open the Import Log tab to monitor the progress.
  10. If you saved the option set and want to schedule an import or update for a later date, click Schedule Import and define a new Scheduler job.