Steps for Configuring Applications

Below is the typical process followed in Application Administrator when a process app is first deployed from SBM Composer.

  1. A project is automatically created for each application workflow the first time a process app is deployed. Configure this project or create additional projects and assign them to the application workflow as needed. For details, refer to Working With Projects.
  2. Create groups to organize sets of users. For details, refer to Working With Groups.
  3. Add user accounts and assign users to roles included in the application or to groups. Verify that these users have the privileges they need to access the projects, work with data, and transition items. For details, refer to Working With User Accounts.
  4. Further configure projects by setting field overrides, configuring e-mail submission, and more.
  5. Add selections to User, Multi-User, and Multi-Group fields as needed. For details, refer to Adding User and Group Values.
  6. Modify the default set of notifications and notification rules for each workflow in your application, or create your own rules and notifications. For details, refer to Working With Notifications.
  7. Create accounts for other administrators as needed. For details, refer to Managing Administrators.
  8. Set deployment privileges for the process app for other administrators in Application Repository. For details, refer to SBM Application Repository Guide.
  9. Log in to SBM Work Center and test your work: