Adding User and Group Values

If you do not use roles to populate values for User, Multi-User, and Multi-Group fields, you can add users and groups as values for these fields. Selections for these field types are added to workflows so they are available for all projects assigned to a workflow. If selections are not needed for all projects, you can disable them for specific projects or in sub-workflows.

Tip: For best results, add selections at the highest workflow level, and then disable and enable selections for sub-workflows and projects as needed.

For guidance on adding values to user-type fields, Values for User, Multi-User, and Multi-Group Fields.

  1. Search for or navigate to the workflow you need, and then click the workflow name.
  2. Select Default Fields.
  3. Search for or navigate to a User, Multi-User, or Multi-Group field.
  4. Click the field name.
  5. On the Attributes tab, select:
    • Manage User Selections to add user values.
    • Manage Group Selections to add group values.
  6. On the dialog box that opens, select values in the Available column, and then drag the values or click the arrow to move them to the Selected column.
    Tip: To find users across pages, search for them by name or login ID or use the navigation buttons at the bottom of the page.
  7. Save your changes.