About Field Configuration

Data collection is the cornerstone of many applications, which depend on accurate and complete data. Compiling relevant historical data into management reports also depends on effective data collection.

Fields are used to collect data as users submit, transition, and update primary items and work with auxiliary items. SBM provides many types of fields, most of which have sets of properties that define the behavior of the fields. These fields can be customized to meet the data collection requirements of your applications.

Fields are defined in SBM Composer. For primary tables, these fields are inherited throughout the workflow hierarchy. When a workflow is assigned to a project in SBM Application Administrator, the project inherits the fields, ordering, and field properties from the assigned workflow. These properties define how the field looks and acts to users, as well as how the fields are ordered when quick forms are used.

In Application Administrator, you can override many of these settings for projects and transitions in projects. You can also define user and group selections for certain field types in workflows. For auxiliary tables, you may need to configure some fields in SBM System Administrator.

Key Benefits

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