About Field Organization

Field sections are provided for organizing fields on state and transition forms. Organizing fields in sections provides a way to group fields for display, as well as to limit user accessibility to certain fields. When quick forms are used, field sections are used to control security and field layout. When custom forms are used, field sections are used to control security only.

In SBM Composer, you assign fields to privilege sections when you create them in tables. You can also override privilege sections for each field for workflows, states, and transitions. These settings apply to quick forms and custom forms.

In Application Administrator, you can override inherited field order fields for projects and for individual states and transitions.

There are three ways to control access to fields in sections:
Tip: You may want to restrict access to the Owner, Secondary Owner, Project, and State fields from most users. These fields are generally handled automatically by the system; therefore, most users should not have access to change the field values. There may be situations, however, where a manager or administrator might want to manually change the values in these fields.

For details on changing field order, refer to Reordering Fields.

Provided Field Sections

Provided field sections enable you to control access to fields through role-based privileges and user and group privileges.

Note: On-premise customers can change the names of all field sections in your system on the Labels tab in the Settings dialog box in the SBM System Administrator. Field section names can also be changed for each primary or auxiliary table in SBM Composer. These custom field section labels appear on forms.

The following set of field sections are provided: