Selecting Fields for a Condition

You can add any fields available in the table that you are creating the report against, but your privileges determine whether results are returned based on your search filter.

Use the following information when selecting a field for a condition:

Note: Field-level dependencies are available on the Advanced Search page. If both the independent and dependent fields of a dependency are placed on the Advanced Search page, the dependency as established in the selected project is honored. In addition, a check box enables project- and field-level dependencies during report creation, as long as all fields in the dependency are added to the report's search criteria.

To select a field for a condition:

  1. In the Search Filter area of the form, select the Use Basic Conditions option.
  2. Click Add to show Field Specifications.
  3. From the Fields drop-down list, select a field or report filter that you want to include in your condition. Field are listed in alphabetical order. To find a field, type the first letter of a field name to select the first field in the list that begins with that letter. Type the letter again to select the second field in the list that begins with that letter; continue to type the letter until the field you need is selected. When you select (Filters), a list of available report filters appears under Field Values. Select one or more report filters, or use them in combination with field conditions.

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