Configuring Authenticators

In the Authenticators section, you manage predefined or custom authenticators. You can configure authenticators for each source that your users should be authenticated against.

To get started, click Add New, and then select one of the following:

Configuring Predefined Authenticators

Select this option to use one of the predefined authenticators that are provided by SBM. Use the provided tooltips for guidance when configuring an authenticator.

Select the Explicit checkbox to force an authenticator to reject any incompatible credentials that are received. For example, an x509 authenticator will deny any requests that contain a user name and password if this option is selected.

The following predefined authenticators are available:

Configuring Custom Authenticators

Select Custom authenticator to enter XML that describes for your custom authenticator. Click Reindent to fix any indentation problems in the XML and improve readability. Click Validate to check that the XML is valid.

Tip: If you select a predefined authenticator first, and then change the selection to Custom authenticator, you can modify the XML that defines the predefined authenticator and use it as a starting point for your custom authenticator.

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