SOAP Requests

Solutions Business Manager supports the SOAP protocol for calling Web service operations over HTTP or HTTPS. Web service SOAP messages are essentially specially formatted XML data packages sent between a client and a server. The SOAP protocol is popular since it communicates over HTTP, which typically allows access through company firewalls. Since the data is in XML format, different programming languages on different operating systems can send, receive, and process SOAP messages. For detailed information about the SOAP protocol, visit and search for SOAP.

SOAP Web services are described via a WSDL file. A WSDL is simply an XML dataset that defines the calls, arguments, and responses in Web service interactions. A WSDL can be imported into a development environment and integrated with an application using a SOAP toolkit. For more information on setting up your development environment to create applications that can send, receive, and process SOAP messages, see Setting up the Development Environment.

There are two sets of Web service calls (comprised of two separate WSDLs) that are available in SBM: services based on administrative functions and services based on application or item functions.

The URL for SOAP-based Web services that perform functions using primary and auxiliary items and data is: http://serverName:aePort/gsoap/gsoap_ssl.dll?sbmappservices72.

The URL for SOAP-based Web services that perform functions for administrative tasks is: http://serverName:aePort/gsoap/gsoap_ssl.dll?sbmadminservices72.

A detailed list of all supported SOAP calls can be found in Application Calls.