Creating an Auxiliary Table

Create auxiliary tables as you need them. You typically add auxiliary tables to existing applications, which already contain one primary table.

In the table editor you can modify, delete, and create system fields and custom fields for auxiliary tables.

To create an auxiliary table:

  1. In App Explorer, in the application to which you want to add the auxiliary table, right-click the Tables heading and select Add New Table. A new auxiliary table is added to the Tables heading, and it opens in the table editor. The auxiliary table automatically includes the required Title field, which you can rename but cannot delete.
  2. Click in the heading area (above the list of fields) to select the entire table, or select a field in the list to display the appropriate Property Editor. See Modifying Table Properties for details.
    Note: If the Property Editor is not visible, you can open it by selecting Property Editor in the Common Views area on the Home tab of the Ribbon.
  3. Drag fields from the Table Palette to the table editor, or select and delete fields as needed.

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