Spreadsheet Import Options

Refer to the following sections for details about importing users from a spreadsheet:

Existing User Options

When you import users, login IDs are used to guarantee uniqueness. Use the following options to determine how the import process handles login IDs that match in the spreadsheet and in SBM.

Import Spreadsheet Options

Use the following options to import and map data in a spreadsheet to user, resource, and Contacts records attributes.

Logging And E-mail Options

Use these options to send a copy of the import log file by e-mail when the import process completes and to send e-mail messages to newly imported users.

The Notification Server must be configured and running to send import logs and new user confirmations. On-premise customers use SBM Configurator to manage the Notification Server. The Notification Server is enabled in on-demand systems.

Change these options as needed: