Adding and Editing Projects

Depending on your administrative privileges, you can add and edit projects within an application's project hierarchy or at the Base Project level.

When you add a project beneath a parent project, the new project initially inherits the parent's workflow assignment, configuration settings, role assignments, and field overrides. You can change these as necessary.

To add or edit a project:

  1. To add or edit a project for a specific application, expand the process app that contains the application by clicking the right arrow, and then select the application under the process app. The application's parent projects appear on the Project Name page.
  2. Do one of the following:
    • To edit an existing project, navigate to or search for the project, and then click the project name.
    • To add a sub-project, select the project that will serve as the parent for the new project, and then click Add.
      Note: You may need to expand the project tree to select the correct parent project. To do so, click the right arrow.
    • To add a project at an application root, select All Projects in the navigation pane, select Base Project in the project list, and then click Add. Be sure to select the workflow that corresponds to the correct application on the General project settings page.
  3. Specify settings on the General page. For details, refer to General Project Settings.
  4. Specify field overrides for the project on the Default Fields page. For details, refer to Fields Page Settings.
  5. Specify state and transition overrides for the project on the States/Transitions page. For details, refer to States and Transitions Page.
  6. Specify role assignments for the project on the Roles page. for details, refer to Project Role Settings.
  7. Override values for application variables as applicable. For details, refer to Overriding Values for Application Variables.
  8. If the project will accept e-mail submissions, configure a mailbox. For details, refer to Mailboxes and E-mail Submission.
  9. Save your changes.