Fields Page Settings

The Fields page is available in the following areas:

Finding and Sorting Fields in the List

Fields are sorted by section by default. To navigate the fields list:

  • Click the column headers to sort fields by name, type, section and attributes, such as Required and Read Only.
  • Search for fields by display name.
  • Filter the grid to show fields in a particular privilege section.
  • Use Show next to set the number of items to display on the page. You can use one of the provided amounts or specify your own number under 1,000 items. Once set, this value applies to all views in Application Administrator. Use the navigation arrows to move through multiple pages.
    Note: The Items Per Page value applies only to your current machine and browser. It will be reset if you clear your browser cache.

Sorting fields in the list does not impact field order on quick forms. To reorder fields on custom forms, click the Reorder Fields button when you are adding or editing a project.

Toolbar Options

  • Save
    Click to save changes made to fields in the grid when you are adding or editing a project.
    Note: You are also prompted to save changes when you navigate to a different page or limit the list by searching for a field or changing the field section order that is displayed.
  • Discard

    Click to discard changes made on the page.

  • Details
    For default fields and transition fields, select a field in the list, and then click this button to view the field's properties or modify editable attributes.
    Note: If you are viewing the Fields list from a workflow, the Details button is only enabled when a User, Multi-User, and Multi-Group field is selected.
  • Reorder Fields

    For fields in projects, click this button to override inherited field order. For details, refer to Reordering Fields.

  • Refresh

    Click to refresh the page to its last saved state or to update the page after a deployment or promotion.

  • Show Workflow

    Click to open a graphical view of a workflow. When you are adding or editing a project, click this button to view the workflow assigned to the project.

Field List Options

The following options enable you to work with fields in the list:

The field list contains the following options for default fields and transition fields:
  • Field Name

    Each field's display name is shown.

  • Type

    Shows the field's type, such as Text, User, or Date/Time.

  • Allow Override

    For projects, select this check box to override field properties inherited from the parent project or workflow.

  • Section

    Indicates the section in which each field resides.

  • Required

    Indicates that users are required to provide a value for this field. If a value was previously set for the field, the field label appears in green, italic text on forms.

  • Read Only

    Indicates that users can view but not edit the field.

  • Allow Mass Update

    Indicates that the field is available when users mass update items in a project. Mass updates allow users to simultaneously transition, update, or delete multiple primary items and to simultaneously update or delete multiple auxiliary items.

  • Default Value

    Displays the default value for each field. Default values can be set or overridden for most field types in projects. For workflows, you can set default values for User, Multi-User, and Multi-Group fields if overrides were enabled for them in SBM Composer.

    To modify a field's default value, select the field's row, and then click Details.