Viewing Archived Items

Before users can view archived items, they must be granted the View All Archived Items privilege for the projects in which you want them to view archived inactive primary items.
Note: Once a project is deleted from the hierarchy, users can no longer view archived items in that project.

To view archived primary items in SBM Work Center:

  1. Select the application that contains archived items.
  2. Click the Search icon located on the SBM Work Center toolbar.
  3. Click Advanced Search.
  4. Select the Archive table from the Search in Table list. For example, select Issues Archive to find archived issues.
  5. Select the remaining search criteria, such as project and keywords.
  6. Click Search to display a list of archived items matching your search criteria.
When users view detailed information about an archived item, most of the item's information, such as fields, notes, and attachments appear as when viewing an active item's information. However, the following information does not appear: