Connecting to SBM System Administrator

SBM System Administrator provides SBM Application Engine administration capabilities, such as running database utilities and configuring system settings. The tasks administrators can perform depend on their administrative privilege set and how they are connected to the database.

Most application configuration tasks are performed in SBM Application Administrator. These tasks include creating projects and notifications, managing user and group accounts, and assigning users and groups to roles.

Administrative Connection Options:

Note: When you create a new SBM database using the Create Database Wizard, you must establish an account for your primary system administrator. Typically, this user is someone who has ODBC access to SBM System Administrator and can fully administer all aspects of your system. After you run the wizard, you should log in to SBM Application Administrator and grant additional privileges to this user and create accounts for other administrators as needed. For guidance on managing different types of administrators, refer to the SBM Application Administrator Guide.