This service updates an existing file attachment for a specified item.


Argument Type Description
auth (optional) Auth The Auth type supplies credentials and optionally, a host name for licensing. The userId and password can be specified with HTTP BASIC or WS-SECURITY instead.
item (required) ItemIdentifier The item that contains the file attachment.
attachmentContents (required) FileAttachmentContents The file attachment details and content, which are all optional except for the attachment ID.
Note: attachmentContents is of type FileAttachmentContents, but also includes attachment detail found in FileAttachment. The XML example below shows the parameters from both FileAttachment and FileAttachmentContents. See FileAttachment for more information.
options Options Holds name value pairing for future arguments.


FileAttachment is returned. The newly updated file attachment details are returned (not the content itself). For more detail, see FileAttachment


The UpdateFileAttachment call provides a method to update a single attachment on an auxiliary or primary item, given the proper privileges. If the call fails, the file attachment will not be updated. To update multiple file attachments for a single item, UpdateFileAttachment must be called for each attachment. Any data that is provided is updated as appropriate. Attachment ID and modification time cannot be set.



The following XML is a snippet of the payload that is sent with UpdateFileAttachment.

        <urn:name>file attach updated MER00023!</urn:name>