The FileAttachment type holds the details of a file that is attached to an item. The FileAttachment type parameters are listed below.


Name Type Description
id integer This is the internal TS_ID of the attachment from the TS_ATTACHMENTS table.
name string The name you give the attachment in SBM.
fileName string The name of the file as it exists on the file system.
showAsImage boolean This flag indicates whether or not graphic attachments are shown as images on forms.
modificationDateTime dateTime

The date and time when the attachment was last modified. See Supported Date/Time Formats for more information.

url string The URL for the attachment. The file can be downloaded from this URL.
accessType Attachment-Access-Type Shows the access type for the attachment. The value is either DEFAULT, RESTRICTED, or UNRESTRICTED.
extendedData ExtendedData Placeholder for future arguments. Includes the size of the file attachment in fileAttachment responses.


FileAttachmentContents is inherited from FileAttachment. FileAttachment is used with FileAttachmentContents to completely describe a file attachment. The file attachment detail consists of an ID, name, and URL. With the URL, client code can download the file directly.


The following XML snippet shows the FileAttachment type in the <urn:fileAttachment> parameter of TTItem.


Sample response: