Testing Events from an External Source

After deploying your process app, you can test the external event by using sample event xml provided in ExampleEventDefinitionSOAPMessage.xml using tools like SoapUI. This procedure is optional.

If you do not want to perform this test, go directly to Creating Event Client using Apache Axis2.

To test the event from an external source, perform the following steps:

  1. Create new project in soapUI.
  2. Import your event definition WSDL. For information on creating a custom event definition, see Creating a Custom Event Definition.
  3. SoapUI will generate various request XMLs for you. Choose the one that matches your application's ALFServiceFlowSOAP request. This will be displayed as <your product value>ALFServiceFlowSOAP.
  4. Open the corresponding request in the SoapUI editor and copy paste the <Base> element from ExampleEventDefinitionSOAPMessage.xml in it.
  5. Replace the event match values—namely EventType, ObjectType, Product, ProductInstance, and ProductVersion—to match your application-specific values.
  6. Fill in your extension data.
  7. Make sure that you set the correct endpoint pointing to the Event Manager. The URL should like this:


  8. Raise the event by running this request. You can read about the execution in the common logger view in SBM Composer.

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