Defining an Event Definition

An event definition used in SBM defines events from an application workflow. You can create your own custom event definition for generating external events.

An event definition is a WSDL file that redeclares the ALFServiceFlow service, making it specific to your event source. The process involves creating a specialized event definition schema derived from the ALF event base schema. The event definition specifies custom, tool-specific types and events. It also defines the orchestration workflow (declared as a service flow service) that handles these events.

You can create a custom event directly in SBM Composer. This works for many cases. However, for some advanced cases, you might prefer to create the event definition as a separate WSDL file and import it into SBM Composer.
Note: This chapter describes how to create the event definition as a separate WSDL file. For information about how to create the event definition in SBM Composer see Raising Events from External Products, Creating a New Custom Event Definition, and Importing an Event Definition File for a New Custom Event Definition.

Event Definition Messaging and Schema

Event definitions must use RPC/literal messaging and must be created following the definitions in ALFEventManager?wsdl.

The ALF event base schema from which you create the derived schema for your event definition is defined in ALFEventBase_1.xsd. This schema is common to all event services and is included by reference in your event definition.

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