Create New Process App Dialog Box

This dialog box opens when you click select New from the Composer menu.

Element Description
Available process app templates

Lists available templates.

When you select a template icon, a brief description is displayed in the pane on the right. The file name is included in the description.

Select a template icon and click Create to open the Configure Process App dialog box and create the new process app. For more information, see Configure Process App Dialog Box.

When you click the Browse button, a standard Open dialog box opens that lets you bring in a template file or a blueprint file that is stored on your computer.

Library location Indicates the location for your local template library.
Add to Library Click to add templates you have created to your library. This ensures the templates are always available when you want to create a new process app based on the template. For details, refer to Creating a Template.
Note: To delete templates, remove them from the library location.

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