Creating a Template

A template is a type of process app that is a starting point for creating other process apps. Process apps created from templates have unique design numbers. See About Templates for more information.

The operation of converting a process app into a template cannot be undone. You cannot convert a template back into a process app. As a precaution, you could back up your process app before you convert it. To do so from the Composer menu, point to Import and Export and then select Export.

To create a template:

  1. Create a process app that you want to use as a template or open an existing process app that could be used as a template.
  2. Click the process app name in the All Items filter of App Explorer, and then click the Convert to template button in the process app editor.


    You are warned that the applications in the process app you are converting cannot be undone. Click Yes if you want to continue with the operation. If you do so, the color of the process app icon changes from yellow and blue to green.
    Note: You can also choose to create a process app based on a process app that is not a template.
  3. Export the process app to a file by pointing to Import and Export, and then selecting Export from the Composer menu. The Save As dialog box opens. Navigate to the location where you want to save the template.
    Tip: To save the template directly to your local library, save it to the My Documents\SBM Composer\Library\Templates directory.
  4. Save the process app with an .mst file extension.

Adding Templates to Your Library

Add templates to your library so they are available when you create new process apps.

To add a template to your library, you can either copy them directly to the template location (My Documents\SBM Composer\Library\Templates) or follow these steps:

  1. Select the New command from the Composer menu.

    The Create New Process App dialog box opens.

  2. Click Add to Library.
  3. Navigate to the template (.mst) file, and then click Open.
  4. Click Create to add a new process app based on the template or click Cancel to exit the dialog box. The template will be available the next time you create a new process app.

Updating a Template

To update an existing template:

  1. From the Composer menu, point to Import and Export, and then select Import.
  2. Navigate to the .mst file you want to update, then click Open.
  3. Modify the template as needed.
  4. From the Composer menu, point to Import and Export, and then select Export.
  5. Optionally, add the template to your library, using the steps in Adding Templates to Your Library.

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