Promoting Process Apps from the Command Line

You can also upload and promote process app snapshots from the command line using the AppRepositoryServiceClient executable program included with installation of the Application Repository (on-premise only).

AppRepositoryServiceClient Command

Upload and promote process app snapshots from the command line.


AppRepositoryServiceClient -mh application_administrator_host
 -mp application_administrator_port 
[-mprot application_administrator_protocol]
 -u user_name -p password [-U mss_file_path]
 [-P promotion_profile_name]


Option Description
-mh application_administrator_host

Specify the name of the Application Repository host machine.

-mp port

Specify the port used by Application Repository.

-mprot application_administrator_protocol

Optionally, specify the protocol (http or https) used by Application Repository. If you do not provide this argument, the command uses a default value of http. If the protocol does not match the one used by Application Repository, the command fails.

-u user_name

Specify the user name for an SBM user who has the necessary privileges to perform promotion.

-p password

Specify the password for the SBM user.

-U mss_file_path

Optionally, specify a process app snapshot that has been exported as a Zip file (with a .mss file-name extension by default). The AppRepositoryService uploads the snapshot to Application Repository.

-P promotion_profile_name

To perform a promotion, include this option and specify the name of an existing promotion profile.

Note: Optionally, you can include the following options to override the Security Token Server (STS) settings that are stored in the gatekeeper-core-config.xml file:
  • -sprot sts_protocol – Specifies the protocol (http or https) used by the STS.
  • -sh sts_host – Specifies the name of the STS host machine
  • -sp sts_port – Specifies the STS port.

Return value

Result Exit code
Success 0
Failure 1

Order of Arguments

If you include both the -U and -P arguments, their order on the command line is significant, because it determines the order in which the upload and promotion operations occur. You probably want to upload the latest snapshot to Application Repository before you promote the snapshot. If you put the arguments in the reverse order, the promotion operation will use an older snapshot version instead, because the promotion will occur before the upload.


AppRepositoryServiceClient -mh machineX -mp 8085
 -u jsmith -p a1234b -P EnvironmentX

In this example, the command logs in as jsmith and performs a promotion operation according to the promotion profile named EnvironmentX.