Display Preferences

Use the Display page to set preferences for the number of items returned for search and report results, the accessible interface, and more.

If you are modifying multiple accounts, click Compare to view the different settings for each account. For guidance, refer to Comparing and Changing User and Group Accounts.

Option Description
Auto Folder Items
Select this check box to automatically place links to items in the system favorites folders, which include the Inbox, Submitted Items, Transitioned Items, and Updated Items folders. Clearing this check box does not remove links to items already contained in the folders but prevents new item links from being created. Users may improve system performance by clearing the Auto Folder Items check box.
Note: This option is only available if the Allow Auto Folder Items check box has been selected on the Database tab of the Settings dialog box in SBM System Administrator.
Version Control History

Select this check box to show version control history associated with primary items in the Item Details pane. This option applies to primary items that use a version control integration, such as SourceBridge or VersionBridge. Users can view the names of the files associated with an item, the date and time in which files were checked in and out, the process app user who performed the action or file association, and the associated comment. Depending on the version control tool, the file revision number may also be listed. (On-premise customers only.)

Auto Requery

Select this check box to automatically update results for Listing report, including those viewed in the Editable Grid, or items in Knowledge Base folders (on-premise). This option applies when you update an item so that it no longer fits the criteria of the report, and then select Back to Results. For example, if the report lists active items, and you close one of the items in the report, the results lists is updated automatically when you return to it. If this option is not selected, the report list is not updated; instead the results will remain the same as when originally run. To manually refresh results, click the Requery link or rerun the report. For Knowledge Base folders, the update occurs when an item is added or removed from a folder.

Use Accessible Interface

This option condenses SBM features into a text-rich, vertical format. The Accessible interface is appropriate for mobile device users and users who rely on assistive technologies.

Items Per Page
This option determines the maximum number of items that appear in search results, report results, and the Notifications view in Work Center. Note that displaying a large number of items could impact performance.
Note: The Items Per Page setting on the Settings - Display tab in SBM System Administrator controls the maximum number of items users can display. Users can specify a lower number of items, but they cannot exceed the number of items allowed by the system.
Advanced Lookup Defaults

This option sets the default menu choice for the Active/Inactive field on the Advanced Search page and the Relational Field Value Lookup form in Work Center. This option also sets the default choice for the Active/Inactive field in the Manage Data feature. Users can choose to view inactive items, active items, or all items. Users can change the default selection as needed.