Using the Value Find

You can use the Value Find to search for values for selection-type fields, such as Folder, Single Relational, Multi-Relational, Single Selection, Multi-Selection, and User fields. When this feature is enabled, a search icon is available next to fields.

Depending on settings made by your administrator, Value Find may be available on Submit, Transition, and Update forms, Search forms, the Advanced Lookup Tool, query-at-runtime forms for reports, and in the Field Specification area of reports using basic conditions. The Value Find is also used when you search for a report author on the Find a Report page.

Consider the following information when you use the Value Find:

To use the Value Find, perform the following steps:

  1. Enter the search criteria, such as an entire word, a few letters, or an asterisk.

    When you are searching single-relational fields and the relational field's display value is a concatenation of two (or more) field values, you must use quotation marks when you search for a value of one of the concatenated fields that contains spaces. For example, if the single-relational field value that you are searching for is Project Acme Version One, and this value is a bound value of two fields, Project Acme and Version One, you would enter the following in Find: "Project Acme" "Version One".

    If you do not use quotes, the Find treats string components demarcated by spaces as separate column values, meaning that entering Project Acme searches the first bound field value for Project and the second field value for Acme. Your results will be None since the second field value is Version One and does not contain the letters Acme.

  2. Click the search icon or press Enter to perform the search. Results appear in a drop-down list, allowing you to select a value for the field. If numerous values appear for multi-selection or multi-relational fields, another selection box appears to the right, requiring you to select and move one or more fields with the right arrow button.