Using Relational Field Value Lookup

Two selection-type fields, Single Relational and Multi-Relational, may provide an advanced searching mechanism that enables you to find values for these fields. If enabled, an additional search icon next to field. Depending on settings made by your administrator, Relational Field Value Lookup may be available on Submit, Transition, and Update forms, on the Lookup form of the Advanced Lookup Tool, on query-at-runtime forms for reports, and in the Field Specification area of reports using basic conditions.

The following information applies to the Relational Field Value Lookup:

To use the Relational Field Value Lookup feature:

  1. Click the relational search icon to open the Relational Field Value Lookup form. The top half of the form contains fields within the Relational field table that are designated by your administrator for value searching. For example, the Relational Field Value Lookup form for the Contact field might contain the First Name, Last Name, Phone Number, and Company fields for the Contacts table.
  2. Provide search criteria in fields as needed, and then click Lookup. To clear search criteria from the form, click Clear.
  3. The results of your search appear in the bottom half of the form. Select a value or values you want to populate the field with, and then click the Down arrow to move the results to the Field Values list.
  4. Click OK to populate the Single Relational or Multi-Relational field with selected values.