About the Application Tabs and Toolbar

Use the Application tabs to access each application. The tabs available to you depend on your privileges.

To set display options for the Application tabs, click the More tab, and then select Manage Tabs. The following options apply to tabs:

About the Application Toolbar

In general, the commands on the Application toolbar apply to the selected Application tab. This filters items and search mechanisms to a specific application.
Icon Name Description
ID Search Search for primary items in the selected application by typing the entire item ID, including prefix, or only the numeric ID. All projects in the selected application are searched, and all active and inactive primary items that meet the search criteria are returned. For details, refer to Searching for Items by ID.
Quick Links Select from a list of your user-defined links, which span all applications to which you have access.
image Add to Quick Links Add any list, item, or form shown in the content pane to your quick links. For details, refer to Adding Quick Links.
image Add to Favorites Add any list, item, or form displayed in the content pane to a favorites folder. For details, refer to Using the Add to Favorites Feature.

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