About the SBM User Workspace Toolbar

Use the toolbar to customize your user profile and your application settings, access the SBM Application Administrator, and more.
Icon Name Description
  User Name Opens your user profile settings. For details, refer to Working with Your User Profile.
image My Calendar Opens your calendar. For details, refer to Working with My Calendar.
image Home Returns you to the home page for the selected application. Depending on your settings, the home page may be a report or the Task page.
image Application Settings Opens the Application Settings form, which enables you to select a Home Page report and preferred projects for the application. For details, refer to Specifying Home Page Reports and Specifying Preferred Projects.
image Administrator Opens the SBM Application Administrator. This link is available only if you have administrative privileges.
image Help Opens the global help system.
image About Provides additional information about SBM, including system configuration and contact information. You may also be able to send an e-mail message to your administrator. Additionally, a PDF version of the SBM User's Guide is available.
image Exit Exits the SBM User Workspace.

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