Working With Widgets

Your administrator can place a variety of content on forms using widgets. Widgets are used to embed almost any valid HTML or Javascript, the content found at any valid URL, an RSS feed, or an search, to name a few. Depending on the type of widget and the options set by your administrator, the following controls may be available.

Widget type Controls
Amazon Search Click the title or image for an item to display the Web page for that item in a new browser window.

Paging controls may be present in the title bar when more than ten items are returned.

Select a row in the grid to populate controls such as edit boxes.

PDF Use standard PDF features, such as printing and saving to file to have a printed version of process app data, or to e-mail a PDF file containing process app data to others.
Note: If Acrobat® Reader® is not installed on your computer, a link to the Acrobat Reader download page is displayed.
REST Grid Widget Select a row in the grid to populate controls such as edit boxes.
RSS Select among the RSS feeds provided by your administrator by clicking on the Menu button at the top of the widget, or click the right and left arrows next to the name of RSS feed.

If headlines are available, click on them to read content in a separate browser window.

SLA (Service Level Agreement) Displays the status of the SLAs related to the item. See SLA Widget for details.
Social The Social widget displays the working group and suggested experts. See About the Social Widget for more information.
Time Capture Enables you to enter the amount of time you worked on an item. For details, refer to Using Time Capture Options.

Binding to Widget Data

In grid-style widgets, you can access the data in the grid to populate controls such as edit boxes. In the SBM User Workspace, select the row in the grid whose data you want to put in the control. The grid-style widgets include the Amazon Search widget and the REST Grid widget.
Note: If the form is a primary table form (for example, in a workflow), then only primary table items can be accessed. If the form is for an auxiliary table, then only auxiliary table items can be accessed.