Using the Rich Editable Grid

The Rich Editable Grid enables you to view and edit Listing report results and make a variety of changes to information in multiple items at the same time.

If you have privileges to update items in the report, you can switch to one of the edit modes: Update Only and All Transitions. Update only mode allows you to perform updates on all items that you have privileges to update. The All transitions mode allows you to choose from available transitions for the items in the results in addition to being able to update items.

Tip: Use the Editable Grid to assign items to appropriate users by creating a Listing report showing all unassigned items, and then update them in the list. This is helpful for project managers who triage and assign issues.

The Editable Grid is available for Listing reports for primary and auxiliary tables. The columns that are set to display in the Listing report are available in the grid view. See Custom Listing Reports for details on Listing reports.

Note: The Editable Grid requires the Adobe Flash Player. If the Flash Player is not installed or enabled for your browser, you are prompted to install or enable it when you open the Editable Grid. In addition, your administrator may disable Flash-based features, which will prevent you from using the Editable Grid.

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