Embedding Forms in External Web Pages

You can embed SBM forms into an iframe or frame of an external Web page. This allows you to submit or display items from external sites, such as the SharePoint site for your department.

Restriction: To view a form from an external site, the user needs an SBM account with the appropriate permissions. If their credentials are not passed automatically, the user will be required to log in to SBM.
Embedded forms behave differently than the form would within the SBM User Workspace. The following differences exist:
  • The confirmation to break an item lock always displays. Your display option setting within SBM User Workspace will not affect this alert.
  • No alerts when exiting submit or transition forms. The data that you entered will not be saved for a later time.
  • Page loading graphics do not appear.

To embed a form:

  1. Access the URL of the form to embed. See the following section for information on accessing URLs for different SBM forms.
  2. Paste the URL within the iframe or frame of the external Web page. Note that the form must be embedded within a page. If the form is not embedded, the entire SBM User Workspace will be displayed.

Accessing URLs for Embeddable Forms

Forms that can be embedded include:
  • Submit forms
  • Preferred Project Selection page (requires that user has selected preferred projects)
  • States
  • Transitions
Important: Do not embed a submit form on a page that a user opens frequently, such as home page. Every time that page is loaded with the submit form, a new temporary record is created in the SBM database. This may affect both database storage and performance. Instead the submit form should be displayed by a user action, such as clicking on a link.
To access the particular URL for a form requires that you either:
  • Display the form in your browser and then copy the URL, or
  • Copy the URL from a link pointing to the page.
When accessing the URL while the form is displayed, you must copy the URL from the page properties. Accessing the properties depends on your browser:
  • In Internet Explorer, right-click and choose Properties.
  • In Mozilla Firefox, right-click inside the frame where the form is displayed and choose This Frame | This Frame Info.
To copy the URL from a link, right-click on a link to the form and copy the location. For example, you can right-click on the Submit to My Preferred Projects link to copy the URL location.

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