Modifying URLs for External Use

You can modify report URLs or the standard SBM User Workspace URL (http://serverName/tmtrack/tmtrack.dll?) to provide a better user experience.

Overriding Home Page Settings

Append the following parameter to the standard URL to override a user's home page preference and open the SBM User Workspace to the Launch page:


To open the SBM User Workspace to a specific application, add the solution ID parameter as shown below:


In the example above, n indicates the solution ID. To find the solution ID for a specific application in the SBM User Workspace, hover over the Application tab. The solution ID appears at the end of the Javascript message in the brower's status bar, located in the lower left corner of the browser window.

Adding Login Credentials to an URL

Depending on the authentication method used by your system, you can add login parameters to the URL to bypass the login screen. Use caution when providing this URL, however, since the login ID and password of a user are displayed in clear text. This method is best used for running Web queries in programs like Microsoft Excel.

Append the following parameter to an URL for a report:


Where USERNAME is your login ID and PASSWORD is your password.

Administrators can refer to "Configuring Authentication" in the SBM Installation and Configuration Guide for more information on using Web queries for SBM Work Center and Service Request Center.

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