Authenticating Items on Forms

Your administrator may configure workflows and projects so that you must provide your user ID and password before you can submit, transition, or update primary items on forms or in the Rich Editable Grid. This extra authentication is also known as an electronic signature.

If your administrator has associated a Date/Time field to require authentication, a record of your electronic signature is recorded in the Change History section for the transition. (Note that change history for transition authentication is not recorded on Submit, Copy, or Delete transitions.)

To provide required authentication information:

  1. Submit, transition, or update an item by clicking one of the buttons at the top of the Item Details pane. (In the Editable Grid, you are prompted to provide your user ID and password when you save your grid changes.)
  2. If authentication is required, you are prompted to provide your user ID and password.
    Tip:   Your user ID may be different than the name that appears on the toolbar. Your user ID, also referred to as your login ID, appears at the top of the User Profile form. Click the User Profile link to view your login ID.
  3. Complete the transition form, and then click OK.
Note: If you provide an incorrect user ID or password, or if you do not provide other required field values on the form, you must re-authenticate before the transition can be completed.

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