Send E-mail Dialog Box

The Send E-mail dialog box enables you to send e-mail messages to SBM users or groups or to any e-mail address.

Note: The Click Here to Use Your Preferred E-mail Client, Add CC and Add BC options do not appear on the Send E-mail dialog when you send an e-mail from the Editable Grid.
Field Description
Click Here to Use Your Preferred E-mail Client Click this link to open a new message from your default external e-mail client, such as Outlook or Lotus Notes. The format of messages sent depends on your preferred mail client.

If your administrator enabled the E-mail Recorder feature, messages sent from external e-mail clients may be attached to items as notes. For details, refer to Using E-mail Recorder.

From Indicates the user who is sending the e-mail message.

Depending on how you opened the Send E-mail dialog box, recipients may already be listed. For example, if you clicked the E-mail icon located next to a note or attachment, the author of the note or attachment is selected as the e-mail recipient if that user has an e-mail address associated with his or her SBM account.

You can search for SBM users or groups to send messages to, or you can manually add e-mail addresses.

Add CC & Add BCC Click Add CC or Add BC to enter users or groups to whom you want to send a carbon copy or blind carbon copy of the e-mail message.

To search for users or groups, click the Add CC or Add BC button.

This option is not available to users with external or occasional user product access.
Note: When you send e-mail messages from the Send E-mail dialog box, only recipients selected in this dialog box receive the message. Members of your e-mail CC list, which is defined by your administrator or on the User Profile dialog box, do not receive copies of messages sent through the SBM User Workspace. However, members of your e-mail CC list receive e-mail messages sent as a result of SBM notifications.
Priority Select a priority for your e-mail message from the drop-down list. Depending on the recipient's e-mail client and the type of e-mail server used by your SBM system, the priority appears in the e-mail message sent from SBM. The display of the selected priority depends on the receiving e-mail client; for example, in Microsoft Outlook, Highest and High priority selections appear as an exclamation point and; in Mozilla, the selected priority appears as text. Available priority selections are Lowest, Low, Normal, High, and Highest. The default priority selection is Normal.
Subject A default subject is provided for each item, but you can modify it.
Template Select the template you want to use for this message. The Internal Template is typically used for sending messages to other SBM users and is selected by default. Select External Template to send a message to one or more external users on an item using the external template your administrator has prepared. When you select this option, any external users on the item are automatically added to the To field.
Message Type the content of your e-mail message. Use the editor to format text. For guidance, refer to Using the Rich Text Editor.
Unrestricted Select this check box to make the e-mail message visible to all users who can view the item you are sending. Clear the check box to restrict the e-mail message as specified by user privileges. The Unrestricted check box is disabled if you do not have privileges to send e-mail messages as unrestricted for the selected project or auxiliary table.
Send E-mail Click this button to send the message, or click Close/Cancel to close the Send E-mail dialog box.
Reset Click this to clear all information in the Send E-mail dialog box.

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