Saving Basic and Advanced Search Results

When you search for primary and auxiliary items using a basic or advanced search, you can save your search results as a Listing report. Your search criteria is saved to the Listing report form, which you can modify and save as your privileges allow.

This option is only available if you have privileges to create reports for any project available in the application or for the auxiliary table that you are searching.
Note: The Save as Report link is not available for archived item or notes/attachment searches.

To save search results as a report:

  1. Perform a keyword search, search by submitter, or advanced search. For instructions, refer to Searching for Items by Keyword or Submitter or Using Advanced Search.
  2. On the Search Results page, click Save as Report. This option may be available on the Actions drop-down list. The Create Listing Report form opens with your search criteria pre-populated.
    Note: By default, the Item ID and Title fields appear as columns in your report. You can use the Listing report form to modify the columns to appear.
  3. Modify options on the Listing Report form as needed, and then preview or save the report. For details, refer to Custom Listing Reports.

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