Report Search Results

The following information and options are available on the My Reports or Search Results page. Reports are listed by project hierarchy or auxiliary table.

Field Description
Now Showing The number of reports returned by your search appears. Use the navigation links at the bottom of the page to view additional reports.
Project Hierarchy and Application Name Reports based on primary item reports are organized by the project in which they were created. The full project hierarchy appears, followed by the Application table name in parentheses.
Table Name Reports based on auxiliary tables are organized by table.
Report Information

The following information is available for reports.

Note: Not all options are available for application reports.
  • Title – Displays the report's title. Click the link to run the report.

  • Privilege Category – Displays the report's privilege. Depending on your privileges, up to four categories may be available. Privileges also determine which report levels are available when you create reports and which users can access the different levels of reports. Private and guest are examples of privilege categories.

  • Created – Displays the date the report was created.

  • Author – Displays the original author of the report. For system-provided reports, Solutions Business Manager is listed as the author.

  • Last Modified – Displays the date the report was last modified and saved.

  • Last Modifier – Displays the user who last modified and saved the report.

  • Last Run – Displays the date the report was last run.

Check All Click this link to select all the listed reports.
Uncheck All Click this link to clear the check box for selected reports.
Requery Click this link to add the latest reports to the Search Results page.
Create Link in This button creates links to reports in a folder. Select the check boxes next to the reports to which you want to create links. From the drop-down list located next to the Create Link in button, select the folder to which you want a link to the selected report. Click the Create Link in button to create the link.
Delete Selected Reports This button deletes selected reports.

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