Running Reports

Your privileges determine which reports you can run. In general, you can run reports that you created, reports saved in projects that you can access, and reports in your privilege category.

To run reports:

  1. Find the report that you want to run using one of the following methods:
    • From the Tasks page, select the application that contains the report that you want to run, and then click one of the following links:

      • Show me my Reports – Returns a list of reports you authored in the selected application. Reports you created against auxiliary tables are also listed.

      • Find a Report – Opens the Reports page, enabling you to search for reports by author, title, or project. For details, refer to Finding Reports.

    • From the navigation pane:

      • Click the Reports link, and then click Find Reports. For details, refer to Finding Reports.

      • Browse reports listed in folders contained in the Reports, Favorites, Public Folders, or Knowledge Base views. You can edit any report that has an edit icon.

    Note: You can also click the Run Report button located on the confirmation page you receive after successfully saving a report.
  2. From a list of reports, click the report link to run the report.

Report results appear in the Item List pane. For details, refer to Report Results.