About the Accessible Interface

The Accessible interface condenses SBM User Workspace features into a format that is appropriate for users who rely on assistive technologies. To achieve accessibility, the interface provides a text-rich, vertical format that eliminates elements such as frames, style sheets, folders, and icons. Users can easily switch between the full SBM User Workspace and the Accessible interface by setting the Use Accessible Interface preference in their user profile.

The Accessible interface is also used to provide real-time access to SBM to users with handheld devices. These users must have a compatible HTML browser installed on their handheld device and a connection to the SBM server.

Note: These instructions assume that handheld device users have a working knowledge of the handheld device, including connecting the device to the Internet and using the installed browser. For information on using the handheld device, modem or browser, refer to the appropriate vendor documentation.

Features of the Accessible Interface

The Accessible interface offers many of the same features that you are accustomed to when you access the full SBM User Workspace. With appropriate privileges, you can:

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