About the Task Page

The Task page is the default home page for new users and provides links to frequently used features. You can show or hide the Task page by setting the Show Launch Page option in your user profile. For details, refer to Setting Display Options.

Note: External users do not have access to the Task page.

Depending on your privileges, the following links are available. Links apply to the selected application.

Link Description
Submit a new [item] Opens a list of projects that you can submit into. If you have preferred projects specified, they appear instead. For details, refer to Specifying Preferred Projects.

If you can submit only into a single project, the Submit form for that project opens. For details on submitting items, refer to Submitting Primary Items.

Browse and Submit to a Project Opens the Submit Tree, which enables you to navigate all projects for which you have submit privileges. Click Save to save the expanded or collapsed state of your project list.
Find a Project to Submit into Performs a keyword search for a project for which you have submit privileges. You can search on the first word of the project, or on a word contained anywhere in the project name.
Search for an existing [item] Open the Search by Keyword page. For details, refer to Searching for Items by Keyword or Submitter.
View all items I own in [application] Displays all active primary items that you own.
Show me all items I submitted in [application] Displays all active and inactive items that you have submitted.
Show me my Reports Displays all reports that you have created, as well as reports that you have created for auxiliary tables. For details on working with this list of reports, refer to Report Search Results.
Show me "Built-in" Reports Displays a list of system-provided reports. For details, refer to Built-in Reports.
Find a Report Opens the Find a Report page. For details on finding reports, refer to Finding Reports.
Create a Report Opens the Create Report page. For details on creating reports, refer to Creating Custom Reports.
Change this Home Page to something else Enables you to select a home page report to appear for the application instead of the Task page. For details on changing your home page, refer Specifying Home Page Reports.
Show My Favorites Opens the Favorites view in the navigation pane, enabling you to select from your favorites folders and links. For details on working with favorites, refer to Working with Favorites.

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