Knowledge Base View

Note: This feature is available only to SBM On-Premise/PaaS customers.

The Knowledge Base view typically contains records from the Problems tables. Other items can be stored in Knowledge Base folders, however. For details, refer to About the SBM Knowledge Base.

The following toolbar icons appear in the Knowledge Base view.
Icon Command Description
image View Folder Content Displays any links at the root of the Knowledge Base view in the content pane. You must first click the Select Top Folder icon before clicking the View Folder Content icon.
Note: Selecting any other folder automatically causes its links to appear in the content pane.
image Select Top Folder Selects the root of the Knowledge Base view. You can then view links at this location.
image Refresh Folder Reloads the Knowledge Base view.
Note: If the Auto Requery check box is selected in your user profile, the navigation pane automatically refreshes every time an item is added or removed from a folder.